Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another Great Weekend!

When it starts off as a 4 day weekend it's already a good one! Of course it was another fun-filled one. Friday morning I was able to attend the African-American Business Networking Luncheon in North Omaha put together by the great folks over at Revive! Omaha Magazine and The Empowerment Network. I was only able to stay for a short time, but there was a room full of people that were there for the same goal...To help! If you have read anything that I have written before you know that this is a big thing with me. The group serves as a conduit to find resources for various needs that include assistance with business plans, investments, micro-business loans, and so much more. To kick things off there was some time to network individually and then the group setting where everyone got to give a little synopsis of who they were and what they did. There were some usuals and some people new to the group like myself. This is a group that has a whole cast of experienced and successful individuals from different backgrounds. I was happy to have received an invite to this luncheon and hope to make it to another one soon. I'd have more to report if I was able to stay longer.

402 BBQ
The 2 reasons I couldn't stay! I had scheduled another meet and greet with #ScubaSteve from Hit That Dive to enjoy some amazing food from 402 BBQ. This was definitely not my first experience with 402 BBQ as we have worked together for the first 2 Small Guy Promotions Small Business Expos, we will be working together again for the next Small Business Expo and we have become friends throughout our interactions. They are some really cool people and I am so happy we get to work together and that they sell me food!

Hit That Dive
However, this was my first opportunity to meet Steve as we had come into contact with each other via #Twitter. For a few months I have followed him and we've have talked back and forth about great places to find wings in #Omaha and other everyday Twitter talk. I am truly happy that I was able to meet him in person because he is genuinely a nice guy. I mean, you don't stand outside in 20 degree weather talking to just anyone! Well, maybe I would, but you get what I'm saying. He is a giving soul and we really vibed and I think it's safe to say that we will keep in touch. I don't call this networking! This was more than that. It was a chance to meet someone who is out to do positive things in the city of Omaha and for a real connection to be made. Again, I am blessed for so many things like this happening.  

Have I begun to bore you yet? I usually try to keep it short and sweet, but my Friday was jam packed! Later in the evening I was able to hang out with 6 of my good friends for a Fellas Night Out. We try to have this happen once a month or so just to keep in touch because we all know that life is hectic and sometimes we don't make time for the ones closest to us that we should be making time for. Long story short, we met at Varsity Sports Cafe & Roman Coin Pizza, ate, drank, and had a good time! We always have a good time.

I have to touch on Saturday for just a bit because it was the most special day of the weekend. It was my youngest daughter's 4th birthday. She's not a baby anymore! Well, she'll always be my baby. If you have the pleasure of being a parent you know how that feels. I can't believe it's been so long and though we have our temper tantrums and sassy attitude I know I am blessed to have her! She was so excited for her birthday party and she was happy that most of the family could make it. We were only  missing my brother-in-law, her uncle, due to having to work. It was a special day and I know she loved it.

On Sunday we just hung out and relaxed as a family. A great ending to another great weekend!

As always, thank your for taking the time to share in my thoughts. I hope you had a great weekend too!

Until next time...

Special thanks to 402 BBQ, Hit That Dive, Revive! Omaha Magazine, and The Empowerment Network                                  

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