Monday, March 16, 2015

Small Business Expo

Hello again,

This past weekend Small Guy Promotions and over 30 local Small Businesses and Organization came together for a Small Business Expo. The goal? To meet others who share the same dream of working with like minded individuals and professional growth. Creating an avenue to network and build relationships for the future. This was the third time that Small Guy Promotions has put this event together.

The expo was compiled of an electrician, photographers, food vendors, direct marketing businesses, party planners, a spray tattoo business and so much more! It is a very diverse spectrum of businesses and organizations and it's a great thing to see them all in one room.

As usual I arrived at the facility about an hour and a half before the designated start time of 12:00 PM. No matter how early I arrive it never seems like enough time. From start to finish I find myself running all over the place in what could be considered as organized chaos. The early arrival allows for prep time for the event, but it comes and goes before i know it. I blinked one time and then looked at the clock and it was 12:10.

In no time there were a few people entering the event and the day was looked promising. One of the first guest was a co-worker named Doug and it was great to see a familiar face come out to support. He brought his two sons with him and one of the first things they did was grab some food from 402 BBQ. A few other unfamiliar faces trickled through as well and scattered to meet the various business owners. The attendance seemed to pick up for this event and I have no doubt that we will reach more desired numbers by year's end.

I tried to make my way around to each of the vendors to check on how they felt the event was going and there was mostly good reviews. There was a lot of business being done. My wife, Mitzi who is a cosmetologist and massage therapist, booked four appointments, Kirstine of Thirty One booked a house party, 402 BBQ sold out of their meat, and B&B Classic Dogs gave away all of their hotdogs. While Austin EmbroideryCrown Enterprises IncSilverHammer Surveillance, and Ryan Burden all made some great contacts! There were so many positives that I could not list them all. Jimmy Conover Photography was in attendance and sold some awesome pieces. Jock and Jill's Popcorn gave away some tasty samples of their Cheese and Caramel Popcorn that people were raving about.

It was so awesome to get together with all these wonderful people again! This is truly my element and I am on a high at all times. The BIGGEST high though was captured below. A couple of days before the expo my daughter, Jamelah, came to my wife and I to ask if she could sell some headbands and bracelets that she had made from a kit that she received from Christmas. In order to foster her entrepreneurial spirit of course I had to agree! The photo below is of her making her first and only sell, but it was more than enough to make her day. She sold three items for a grand total of $7.50! I think she is well on her way and we have decided that it will be a good idea to put in some hard work before the next expo so we can have more merchandise to sell. I have a good feeling about this.
Jamelah's Fist Sale
I cannot thank all of the businesses enough for choosing to be a part of this expo. Each and every time I am so grateful to have these magnificent people in my circle. Before the day was over there were multiple requests to be notified for the next expo that goes on. We will try to stay on track to have an event each quarter and we will find new facilities to make experiences in different parts of the city.

I would like to give one more big THANK YOU to all who either participated as a vendor or took some time out of their day to come by and say hello. You are so appreciated and Small Guy Promotions could not do this without you. You make us strive to be better than before!
Our good friends, Joe & Kristin from It Works

Thank you for your time,

Small Guy Promotions

Special thanks to everyone and sorry we couldn't fit you all in on the blog. For a full list of businesses please check out the event page.


  1. THANK YOU Danell for galvanizing this community and bringing energy and excitement to a great event. Your willingness to lead and take small risks that can pay rewards is very valuable, if only as an example and inspiration to myself and others in the small business community. Keep it up & if you'll have us, I look forward to my small business and hopefully some of our clients, being involved in future Expo's.
    Grant Mussman - State Farm

    1. It's always a pleasure Grant! I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to work with these cool businesses. The next one should be in about 3 months! We'll meet up soon.