Monday, February 23, 2015

The Garden

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Today I bring you a discussion about an event my family attended called The Garden that was put on by The Light Poetic Ministry and took place on the University of Nebraska at Omaha Campus in The Thompson Center this past Saturday. This was not the first event that I have attended that was put on by this awesome small organization and if you are not familiar with them I invite you to take a minute to learn what they are about. As if the name doesn't say it all one of the main features of this organization is to minister through poetry. However, this gathering was not only for poets, but for musicians, dancers, and  they also had a couple of vendors on location. This was an open mic night that featured various artists from a truly diverse background.

The goal? To give people an opportunity to do the thing they love while being in an environment that was free of judgement. Not only that, but to get the word out about the mission of The Light Poetic Ministry. The mission of serving the community with the talent that God has given them. At a previous event they were raising money to help a daycare that went out of their way to help families by providing services and only charging the parents at a rate of "Whatever they could afford to pay" and I had never heard of anything like this. They use the performances as a driver to get people excited about the movement. We didn't get to catch the all the performances, but we were able to see some pretty talented people.We saw 4 or 5 poets, a contemporary dancer, a sax player, and a young music artist that was only 5 years old and who probably stole the show.

 Here's one that we missed!

Allen Stevenson performing at The Garden

There was a $5 suggested donation(if you didn't have it they still invited you to come) at the door and though it would seem that the funds would go to The Light Poetic Ministry Allen and Angelica Stevenson had a trick up their sleeve. Towards the end of the performances Allen called four people to the front of the room. One was in charge of a Chest Club, another was Miss Black Nebraska, another was a single mother of four, and the last a single father. These individuals did not know why they were being called to the front of the room and to their surprise Allen had planned on giving back right then and there. He had an envelope for each person containing some of the proceeds that were received at the door. This was the Light Poetic Ministry's way of instant charity I guess you could say. They wanted to plant the seeds for plants to grow in this beautiful garden that they were trying to nurture. I think they succeeded!

They have a lot of big ideas for 2015 and there is a dynamic thought process behind what they are doing. Each event and interaction is a chance to gain momentum and move things in the direction of their ultimate goal of helping as many people as they can. I applaud their actions and I am happy to have met such a fine couple of individuals. They share the mindset with Small Guy Promotions that we can all come together and build a bond that can be stronger than anything we could ever imagine.

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