Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another Small Guy Weekend

Tokyo Sushi in the Old Market

Ah yes, we got to take a trip to Tokyo! Tokyo Sushi that is, one of our favorite food places. Yes, we have a lot of favorite food places. Is there anything wrong with that? I think not. This weekend was a chill weekend where I just hung out with the family and maybe I took that promoter hat off. I was going to put it on, but it's nice to just be Danell sometimes! My daughters and I feasted with some friends just after noon at this hot spot. Now, let's talk about Tokyo Sushi. If you are a sushi fan I definitely recommend this place. Can you say "All you can eat"? I can. We were first introduced to the concept of all you can eat sushi at a former restaurant called Wasabi Sushi and I was happy to find out that the owner was a partner at Wasabi. I must make it clear that I am not a food reviewer or connoisseur of any kind. I just know what I do and don't like.

As I said, we met just after noon and I was surprised to see that it was not super busy, especially since the Madness of March was going on. As we walked to the restaurant we even saw someone getting interviewed for what I assume was basketball related. We sat down and put our orders in as usual and awaited our wonderful sushi to be delivered to our table. Of course we had to start off with some Edamame  as an appetizer. Then...

The good stuff! I mean the really good stuff! Spicy Crab, Boston Roll, Crunchy, etc...Oh boy, do we love our sushi. This is another place where you not only get some really great food, but you get the bang for your buck. Kids under 4 and under are free, kids under 12 are $7.99 and adults are $12.99(Lunch Menu)! We began to eat and the food was more than good and was really satisfying the craving that we tend to often get. I will patronize this place as long as it is around. While we were eating the place started to fill in and there was probably only a couple of open tables. This is what you would expect from an all you can eat sushi spot.

These guys behind the bar are the real deal and create a quality product as far as I'm concerned. They are always hard at work to give the people what they want. I always wonder how they can churn out so much food with only 3 chefs. That brings us to my only negative remark about the establishment. Sometimes there is a wait for your food and sometimes you have to remind the wait staff of what you have order, but are missing. In most cases it isn't that bad of an issue aside from one visit that we had. Other than that we love the place and we get the treat of creamy ice cream as dessert.

After lunch the girls wanted to go and hang out at the park by the big slides so we stopped by for a bit. It was a beautiful day to be outside and I am happy that I got the chance to enjoy the day with my little ones. The weather has turned and we are making sure to take advantage of the outdoors which sometimes I have to remind myself to do. It's so easy to get trapped inside with laptops, smart phones, and internet. Taking advantage of life does not include the 3 previous items mentioned. Well, maybe in some cases, but not when it causes you to miss out on the important moments with your family. Balancing schedules and time management are areas where I can improve. I love my girls and love spending time and having fun with them. 

We also got to hang out on Sunday while mom was at work. We took the wagon out that we got for Christmas from my mom. I got in some good exercise by walking and jogging up and down the street for about a half an hour. Quality time  with my girls, sushi and the sun! What a beautiful weekend. I am so blessed for every day I get to wake up, breath, and be a dad. Here's to more days of being alive!

Hanging out at home did have some casualties, but I'm okay with that. Sorry for all the people performing at the CBA, Call Out Battle 2, and Sight & Sound Collision. I love what you guys are doing and I promise to rock with you very soon!


Small Guy

Special thanks to my daughters for allowing me to be a dad!

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