Sunday, March 8, 2015

Small Guy Weekend in Review

Every day is great and every weekend day is even better! I say this because I'm alive and my family is safe, happy, and healthy. Although, I have not always appreciated life as much as I do now. I've had to learn that we are blessed to be alive! My father died on October 5, 2012 and after going through all the various stages of mourning (I'm not so sure all the stages are complete) I realized that I have to live life and be happy because the alternative ain't so grand. One year ago today I was again reminded to appreciate every day that I get to wake up and breath in air on this wonderful earth. I was reminded when a good friend of mine, Kevin Beach, passed away. This was one of the happiest dudes you could ever know! Words could not describe what this guy meant to those who knew him. So, it is because of those 2 people that every day is a good day! I...No, We owe it to ourselves to live for the ones who can no longer do so. Because life truly is a gift!

Hopefully now you can now see why I see things the way I do. Now, let's talk about this great weekend. Friday was a nice chill day with the family and it's always needed. We hung out, ate some food from a fish fry, and watched Earth to Echo. It was a a decent enough movie, but more than that the quality time is always a hot commodity. It's crazy how the people the drive you the craziest are the people you love the most! A stranger can only make you so crazy, but a close loved one can make you want to pull your hair out. I have dreads so it might take a while for me to pull them all out. This a relatively calm evening without too much whining and fighting. Fine by me!

Let's move on to Saturday Night. It's a tradition for our family to go out and celebrate birthdays for my aunt, my mom, and my dad all at one big dinner. We stopped back out to our new go to Chinese place, Golden Bowl, in Bellevue. That was of course a good time. Food, Family, and Fun!

Jimmy Conover Photography
Jimmy Conover Photography
 After dinner it was time to strap on the Promoter Hat and hit The Slowdown for the AJ the Dread CD Release Party called Stage Fright. Due to the dinner and laziness I was unsure if I was going to make it back out, but if you can't support your own partners how can you expect them to support you. Sometimes you gotta just get out and do it. I was not able to make it on time and I missed a couple of good performances from D DamageGreco, and TKO. Sorry fellas maybe next time. I was able to see The Young Funk,
GrownKidz, and the headliner, AJthe Dread. It was another great night for music in the city and I was happy that I did get out to see this. I had not seen The Young Funk before and had only heard about them previously. Boy, I was impressed by these guys. It's so nice when you can experience new music. GrownKidz always put together a clean set and the chemistry that they display is something special. I knew that the first time I saw them perform at the Hideout. AJthe Dread has his own style and will be the first to tell you that though he may not be the nicest emcee his stage presence and energy is what will set him apart from others. That's not to say that he doesn't have skills on the mic because he does and the crowd is always moving and interacting when he's on stage. All in all it was a beautiful night of entertainment and I am eager to get out and see more shows. These guys play a crucial part in my own experiences and I am thankful to each one of them!

All that being said, these 2 Transformers might have received a good amount of attention throughout the night and probably got more pics with fans than the artists! Haha. I think they were a highlight of a lot of people's nights. Myself included. I don't have much to say about these guys other than they are AWESOME!!!

If you took the time to read through this I'm truly thankful. I sit down and don't know where to start and before I know it I have written more than intended. I hope it's not overkill. I think I might have to find time to blog more than once a week because there is a lot going on and I love it!

Thank you,

Small Guy Promotions

Special thanks to EVERYONE!

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