Thursday, August 28, 2014

Small Guy Promotions Small Business Expo

Man, I understand how people chase their dreams so ferociously! This business was never a dream for me, but it somehow came about through my urge to try to help others. Well now, look what I am doing. Who would have ever thought that I, Danell Taylor, would not only own my own business, but also put on a great event to give other business owners a chance to shine. All it takes is a vision! I did not care for school even though I did well enough to get out a semester early, I did not go to college, and I have never excelled at anything. So what, who cares? I don't and you shouldn't either. All it takes is a small spark of creativity and before you know it...Success!

I am not saying that Small Guy Promotions is successful, but what I am saying is that I am successful at following what I want to do. I am also successful at helping others and the joy and sense of accomplishment I get from that is unparalleled! Because of this fact, September 28th Small Guy Promotions will be hosting a Small Business Expo at the Salvation Army Kroc Center in South Omaha. The theme is family. The businesses are focused on wants, needs, and entertainment. The event starts at 2 pm and will conclude at 5 pm. All the businesses and organizations so far have been people that I know who happen to own businesses. They are really the reason I started my business so I guess I owe them a big thank you. So, thank you all! Lets grow together.

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Here is a list of current business/organizational vendors:
402 BBQ
Turner Business Group- George D Turner IV
Coaches Place
Crown Enterprises Electrical Contracting
Firefly Photography by Cassie Tate
Fred's Build a Better You- Fred Humpal
The Glory Tabernacle, Inc.
HinesGLOW Airbrush Tattoos
It Works-Joe Balanay and Kristin M Hetrick
Jimmy Conover Photography
Cosmetology/Massage Therapy- Mitzi Taylor
Paparazzi Jewelry- Danielle Beach
10th Planet - Omaha
Massage Therapy- Erin Silver
Real Deal Entertainment Omaha
Re/max Realty- Rich Bak
RockBottom Floors- Roger Washington
Scentsy- Nitasha Shumaker
Self Made Industries
SilverHammer Surveillance
Small Guy Promotions

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