Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Money over everything? Nope!

So, recently I was approached by a person who offered money for promotional services. The first thing that was mentioned was money. I own a business, yes, but I am not a business man. At least not a great one. I cannot put money over everything. Don't get me wrong I like making money. I do! However, I am not willing to work with just anyone. There has to be a foundation built on some level. A lot of people I decide to work with are people that I happen to run into in various places. I like this avenue and it allows me to work with people who I can relate to. It's more important to me to have a trusted relationship than to make money. Maybe I will never succeed in the business world operating in this fashion and that's okay. I like to think that by not focusing solely on money I have a better chance at being a successful person.

Working with this particular individual would have possibly forced me to sway a little bit from how I like to operate. I could not comfortably promote this individual. Along with the relationship that is built there has to be a value to what is being promoted. In my eyes the product was not at a level that I would like to be associated with. I have to be subjective in what I promote. If it's something that is lacking a positive impact the product has to be great. This product was not great and I assume that is why money was the first topic spoken about. Not a good sign. I will have to set a standard for people to understand where my drive comes from. I wish this individual luck, but I feel that we would not gel well.

Morals over everything!

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