Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Saying "No"

Why is it so hard to give people a no? Is it because we don't want to hurt others feelings or because we somehow feel obligated to give a yes and make people happy? The reason I ask is because I was recently speaking with a local business owner and we had a conversation about instead of people giving us a no they will instead not respond at all. I for one think that it is more deflating and time consuming when you are trying to reach out to someone and the response is dead air. I just don't get it!

For instance, if I'm trying to set up a local live musical performance and I select a venue. Usually they have a booking page on their website for you to contact them. So many times I have sent an email or called and left a message with no returned correspondence. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a booking section? A simple, "Sorry, but we will not be able to hold your event." would suffice.

This isn't the only scenario that this happens. Sometimes it's a deal where someone makes an agreement and then rather than man up and tell you they have had a change of heart they ignore you. This happens with friends or supposed friends as well so I really have a hard time understanding these occurrences. Sometimes I think that it must be me and no matter how friendly people say I am I just don't get the desired response from others. Then again, as I said above I was speaking with another business owner who was having the same issues. I just don't get!

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