Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Great Weekend

Oh boy, this weekend was a blast! On Friday we stopped out to the Kroc Center Omaha for a free family night. It was great! My oldest daughter and I got to spend some quality time together just the two of us which doesn't happen anymore. We watched Frozen, she got to make an Olaf cookie, and she made a wand. It was a pretty great night! To top it off, as we walked out my daughter said, "This was a good Meme(her nickname)- Daddy time." That was when it occurred to me that since we are so busy we don't get our own time. It's always all of us together or her sister and the two of us, I didn't know it, but it was a much needed night.

Saturday was date night with my wonderful wife! We got to go to a The Down Under, a local bar, and be swept away by the soulful sounds of  an acoustic R&B artist by the name of Jamire Gray. Jamire is very talented and we wanted to go out and support him on this beautiful night in Omaha. This made for a very relaxing and fun evening. We stayed for a couple of hours and enjoyed some original and cover songs. So glad that we got the opportunity to do this and I hope to not only see Jamire again soon, but also work with him. He is an amazing talent and provided a perfect atmosphere for a date night.

Here's a little sample.

Sunday was another awesome day! We get a lot of awesome days around my house it seems. We as a family went to see Paddington Bear at Marcus Twin Creek in Bellevue. We got to sit in the oh so comfortable recliners at this remodeled theater and kick back and laugh. This was a pretty good movie to my surprise because I was not sure what to expect. I hadn't seen any previews for the movie and did not know the storyline. I vaguely remembered the name Paddington Bear from my childhood so it was foreign to me. We sat and watched as my youngest and I dosed off for a bit during the movie. Nothing to do with the quality of the movie at all, but those dang recliners and the dimmed lights make the conditions just right to catch a couple of quick ZZZs. I would say that the movie is good and I would recommend seeing it if you want to take the kids out for some fun at the movies.

I'm always so thankful for all the fun we get to have as a family. Too often time slips through our fingertips and we fail to realize all the loss moments that we missed out on. I definitely hope that we have more weekends like this!

Thanks to #JamireGray, #KrocCenter, #PaddingtonBear, and #MarcusTwinCreek.

Until next time, have wonderful days!

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